Throughout the year, I actively participate in art exhibitions throughout the United States.  Many of the
exhibitions are juried by professional artists, and I have had the honor of receiving many awards and ribbons
for my watercolor paintings. Especially exciting for me was selection into the VSA Arts Transformation 06
competition, an International Juried Exhibition by artists with disabilites in Washington DC in June 2006. My
watercolor entitled "Melodic Strings" was selected for the 2006 note card line with a 75,000 printing by the
John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. I received a one time honorarium for use of the image on the
   "Melodic Strings"
 Notecard selection
   My Tribute to
Hurricane Katrina
John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts
Transformation 06 Washington DC Pictures
I had requests to sign the program!
        Transformation 06
International  exhibition was well attended.
Carl Goetz Middle School Art Class Presentation
Jackson School District
Jackson, New Jersey
On two separate occasions, my wife and I have been invited to make presentations to classes at the Carl Goetz Middle School in Jackson, New Jersey. The
students were animated and responsive to our presentations. It was rewarding to share my art and experience with the classes. Soon after the presentations I
received a packet of inspirational notes from many of the class members.

Below are just a few of the notes written by students after my presentations. I was touched and rewarded by the reaction of the class members.

Dear Mr. Zaremba, "Thank you for coming to our class" Knowing how you had to go from your right hand to your left, reminded me of an old saying, "If you never give up, you'll
never come in last, because you'll be ahead of those who did". Sincerely Jarrett

Dear Mr. Zaremba, "Thank you so much for coming in and showing us what you love to do and what kind of art you are most passionate about . You have truly inspired all of us in
every way. " Thanks, Christa

Dear Mr. Zaremba, "Your visit meant so much to me. It showed that you can do everything  you want no matter what the obstacle."" Thank you again, Jillian
Students Carl Goetz Middle School
My wife Dorothy presents my artwork to the students
My Wife Dorothy helped with the class presentations. Sports
watercolors were a favorite of the children.
Class photo taken with my wife Dorothy and the
class members and myself.
Thank you presentation of a plant from the students
I received a beautiful plant as a thank you for
the presentation from the class members.
Anthony Zaremba
             Recent and Yearly Exhibitions
artists. Although it is not possible to attend all the competitions, I will always try to attend "Art First" at the Princeton Medical Center, in Princeton
New Jersey, Bryn Mawr, "Art Ability" in Malvern, Pennsylvania, and Moss Rehab, "All About Art" in Elkins Park, Pennsylvania.
Princeton At First Patron discussing my watercolors.
Outdoor Venues are exciting and draw large crowds. I particularly like "Art In the Park" in Beach Haven, New Jersey. This outdoor arts and crafts festival
takes place in early August. My wife Dorothy and I set up a pop-up tent and wait for the art lovers arrival. I call it "Fun in the Sun" and it really makes for great
memories. We always look forward to the Beach Haven Annual outdoor show.
Princeton, New Jersey
Moss Rehab-"ALL ABOUT ART"
 & Dorothy Opening Night.
PSAA Portrait Class

Pine Shores Art Association, Stafford, New Jersey.
Every Sunday afternoon, I attend a life portrait class. You
can see me in the foreground of the photo..
Bryn Mawr
 Bryn Mawr "Art Ability"     
Exhibition-My watercolor
awarded a ribbon.

NJ. I am also a member of the Crestwood Artist Guild.
Each June we have an outdoor exhibit, and this is my
display presented June 2008
Keswick Pines, Artist and Camera Club, Whiting, N.J.
The Crestwood Artist Guild and the Crestwood Camera
Club in Whiting, New Jersey,  coordinated a show where
the artist interpreted a photographers photo. I selected a
photo entitled "Abby" and painted my impression of the
photograph. A lovely patron of the arts admired my work
and rewarded me with a big smile.
Artist Choice Ribbon Selection
First Place Watercolor Ribbon
Bryn Mawr, Malvern, Pa.
I received an "Artist Choice" ribbon from fellow
artists in the Pine Shores Art Assoc. for my
watercolor entitled "Grandma."
Narrows Botannical Garden
1st Place Ribbon Watercolor
. Art makes me feel happy! I love what I do
"Art in the Park"- Bay Ridge, Narrows Botanical Garden
Brooklyn, New York- My Hometown!
Bullfight Sold
My watercolor entitled Bullfight
was  purchased by these Art
Patrons at Moss Rehab opening.
Dr. Harry Schwartz
purchased my Classical
musicians watercolor &
we enjoyed good
conversation together.