When I was first diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, I thought it was the end of my ability to live a normal life.  MS simply opened a new chapter
in my life. Besides my wife Dorothy, art is the most important thing to me. When I paint, I am not disabled…I am an artist. Art gives me reason
and purpose. I am inspired to continue to paint when I see the reaction and emotion drawn from someone who has seen the beauty of life
through one of my paintings.

My path to becoming an artist was not originally part of my lifelong plan. Upon graduation from High School, my art teacher recognized my art
ability.  Because of her encouragement and her recommendation; I was awarded a full scholarship to the School of Visual Arts in New York
City.  I attended and graduated from the School of Visual Arts majoring in fine arts. I studied the masters, and I am still inspired by their works.

During the last five years, I adapted to physical changes due to Multiple Sclerosis. Unable to paint with my natural right hand, I retrained myself
to paint with my unnatural left hand. The transition from right handed painting to left handed painting creates looseness in my watercolor
paintings that appear impressionistic.
My earlier paintings were more defined. In the past several years, I developed a tremor in
my hands that at times makes holding the brush difficult. I will often alternate from left-
handedness to right-handedness when fatigue is a factor. So in actuality, my artwork has
made a transformation of an impressionistic nature that I am quite satisfied with.

How has art transformed me? I really never thought about it until I received an invitation
to the “Transformation International Juried Exhibit for Artists with Disabilities” at the
John F. Kennedy Performing Arts Center in Washington D.C..  Art has enabled me to see
with my heart.  I paint not only with my brush, watercolors, and canvas but with what I
feel inside…that’s my most important instrument.  

I would be a different person had I not become disabled. Perhaps I would have excelled in
something physical, pushing my body to its limits. But what makes me come alive is
challenging my creative ability, and thanks to art, I really like who I am today. Art has
transformed me into so much more than someone with a disability. Art has given me
wings to fly…. And I use these wings to soar through myimagination, to create a moment
in time on my canvas.

In July, 2002, an enabling garden for physically challenged gardeners was dedicated in my
name. The creation of the garden was made possible by a generous grant from the Berlex
Drug Company, and a program called "Champions of Courage".  Volunteers of the Floyd
Bennett Garden Association in Brooklyn New York worked tirelessly to complete the
construction of the garden.
Plein Aire Painting Whiting, NJ

"Art transforms my imagination, creates new challenges and creativity for me.
Art has consciously transformed my life . Art inspires a spirit within me to seek a
deeper meaning to all that surrounds me".
Anthony Zaremba
Portrait Painting Class-Pine Shore Art Assoc. Stafford NJ
Museum of Modern Art NYC
Philadelphia Museum-click to take a visit
William Penn Foundation Philadelphia, Pa,
Anthony Zaremba Champions of Courage Garden click to view
Cypergaffer Links to Crestwood Artist Guild
John F. Kennedy Performing Arts Center Washington D.C. click on the photo to view
Anthony Zaremba Champions of Courage Dedication
Author Jackie Waldman, called to interview me for
inclusion in her book, "People with MS with the
Courage to Give", I was thrilled . Ms. Waldman's book
is a wonderful and inspirational work of love created
by Ms. Waldman for all disabled persons, not only
those with MS. Publisher is Red Wheel/Weiser.  All
proceeds from the book by Jackie Waldman are
donated to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society.
Read about the formation of the enabling garden that
bears my name. My story is chapter three in the book.
Click on the book below to learn more about the book,
and also visit the MS Society link to learn more about
Multiple Sclerosis.
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